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MedalArt international MEDALART ® offers his souvenir medals engraved in the effigy of museums, religious and heritage, sites roseraies, attractions parks, event commemorative, festive, sports, county communities and tourism boards.

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Découvrez la médaille du millénaire de l’Abbaye de Solesmes

October 21st, 2010

Monastic life at Solesmes conducted for a thousand years is mentioned in a complementary manner by both sides of the coin: the front side recalls his visible, theinvisible back.

photo médaille de l'abbayeTHE FRONT
The arms of the abbey dominates the front. He shows how alliance was born: that of the Abbey de la Couture at Le Mans (the lilies and leopards) and the Maison de Sable (the eagles). It offered all the necessary material to the foundation, and the abbey, the monks in charge of it alive. At the center, engraved overlay the spine evokes the relic of the Holy Thorn of Christ’s crown that has marked the history of the monastery since the twelfth century (sculptures of the south transept). The two buildings visible below evoke the two major periods of the thousand years: the right, the Priory of the eighteenth century, shows what was the monastery until before the 1789 revolution, a small community of about ten monks left, the beginning of the large body of the late nineteenth century, the great abbey, which succeeded the priory, with its principal abbots, D. Guéranger, D. Delatte, a large community who could count to one hundred monks.

The back of a very different style, simple and symbolic, we turn to the essentials. He refers him what is in the heart of the thousand years of history monastic abbey church and the liturgy celebrated there. ’Prefer nothing to the work of God’, St. Benedict asks his son. For Benedictines, the church is the first life. By its design, which reproduces that of the six crosses of consecration still painted inside the church, the cross represents the place of life and its central role since the day of its dedication, October 12, 1010. In addition, twelve small crosses commemorating the twelve anointed with oil on its walls were made that day to dedicate the final worship. Each year, in remembrance of this day, the location of these junctions, marked by the crosses of consecration, a candle decorated with a wreath of flowers and foliage burns for the duration of the festival.
Domus mea domus Listings orationes vocabitur
Taken from the Liturgy of Dedication (antiphon of the board and song of communion), the Latin text engraved in the upper part, wants to be clear what this place a thousand years: a place of prayer: Domus mea domus orationes vocabitur, My house shall be called a house of prayer (Mt 21, 13, Is 56, 7).
Below, in figures romains.les Millennium Milestones: MX MMX OCTOBER XII, complement the message of the coin (1010 October 12, 2010).

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May 26th, 2011


The Conference of Bishops of France retained the firm for Medalart creation of the official medal of Pope John Paul II as part of its beatification celebrated on 1 May 2011.


Obverse side of the coin:
JMJ Madrid 2011 logo “Rooted and grounded in Christ, firm in the Faith.

What is WYD ?
The World Youth Day (WYD), organized by the Church Catholic since 1986 and open to all, meet every two or three years the youth of the world in a large metropolis, presence of the Pope.
WYD is the largest youth gathering in the world and will held in Madrid in August.

This meeting is essential, is at the heart of World Youth Day for three days, young people are called to live and time to participate in Catechesis Youth Festival, a cultural expression, and current dynamic of faith. In addition, youth are invited to meet the host nation during Days in the Diocese in the week before WYD.

Opposite side of the coin:
Portrait of Jean-Paul II – Blessed Jean-Paul II

Holiness Jean-Paul II had appeared at his death, as evident the crowds gathered to honor him. Her beatification was celebrated on Sunday 1st May 2011 by Pope Benedict XVI: “Blessed Jean-Paul II “.
The reign of John Paul II has extended over twenty-six years, was one of longest in the history of the Church. He was called “the athlete of God “.

French Catholic Church’s website WYD 2011 shop website

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Discover the Centennial Medal of the seaplane – 2010 Year Henri Fabre

June 1st, 2011

Discover the story of the 100th anniversary of Henri Fabre, the first seaplane called “The Duck” (1910 – 2010)

Henri Fabre isa French engineer and aviator. He is the inventor of the aircraft in 1910(initially named hydro-airplane, until 1913).March 28, 1910, in France, near Martigues (Bouches-du-Rh

one), Henri Fabre saidhis hydroplane off, the aircraft traveled 800 feet above the lake of Berre and landedon water: c That was the first aircraft to take off, succeeded his flight and his landing.The success of this first flight was officially found by a bailiff, Mr. Honoré Raphel: that day, Henri Fabre, then aged 27, became the undisputed inventor, builder and firstpilot of this new flying, the aircraft is officially launched globally.Dubbed ”the Duck” as well, were and are designated devices, the small plane is at the front and rear propulsion system.

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