Our medals

Exclusively : Your medal to remember in your effigy

A value of memory which transcends the market value

Your ” tourist signature “

An official monetary carving of the European Community called: Souvenir Medal.

Engrave the effigy of your Museum, religious, patrimonial, tourist site, park attractions, rose garden, remarkable park and garden, prestigious hotel, tourist office on a souvenir medal.

Immortalize your commemorative, sports or festive event by this tourist object.

Your customers expect it.

To create Your medal is Your ” tourist signature “, regional, national and international.

It you strengthen your tourist site visibility and sells in shops memories sites or the ticket office.

By deciding to undertake the creation of a medal to remember, you bring the ambition to enrich your offer on the range of your souvenir products and to strengthen the image of your place of interest or your event by a product “scratched” in your identity.

It is a unique, known and identifiable tourists and collectors worldwide.

Intended to satisfy the widest public, of the youngest in the oldest, it is the typical memory souvenir.

This Medal, printed and signed by a national factory of a country of the European Community operating for the manufacture of common currencies coins is recognized for its know-how on the engraving.

A face, in the effigy of your choice, the other face, with the imprint MEDALART.

It became the passion of many collectors who have to go in your shop to acquire it.

The souvenir medal exchange between collectors.

MEDALART offers the exclusivity of your souvenir medal, single, your shop to ensure its sales.

The success of the medal continues to extend, it has an effect on other attractions, shops or ticketing counters.

MEDALART souvenir-medal is an unique and rare artefact

MEDALART souvenir-medals requirements



Raised pattern





Nordic Gold 


33 mm

2 D

16 g

2 mm



Side up of the medal Touristic site effigy
Flipside of the medal Carving of Medalart  



Limited series