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Finally, medal memory is accessed

with an affordable minimum quantity to order

Some tourist sites were certified souvenir medal, Your visitors expect it, claim it !

Now, the effigy of your site engraved on your medal will meet the demand for your visitors and collectors.

The objects offered for sale in your shop lead you to a balance in its management between :

Culture + Trade  = profitability

MEDALART® offers the exclusivity of your branded product: your souvenir Medal !

  • Best sales for 12 years shops memories in France
  • 1st sale on the souvenir market before postcards
  • Medium sales: 7.5 % of admissions tourist site visitors
  • An affordable price to the public
  • MEDALART® offers its permanent assistance from the design of your effigy to set up your display in your shop or on top of your ticket fund.
  • A safe break even from first order
  • A safe and regular profitability
  • Flexibility on your medals in quantities of your order
  • You optimize your sales “on line”
  • The souvenir medal is a product identified and recognizable
  • The souvenir medal, it is create, update your assortment of products-memories !

Our display stand,  by its conviviality, its transparency, common to all the sites allows the visitor, the collector to discover and recognize the souvenir medal  and appropriate it.


For any further information, do not hesitate to check up our flyer or to contact us by email, filling in our contact form.

Link to MEDALART® flyer.