About Us

A word from the founder

After several years in the cultural world, and partner of the Natioanl Institute of Arts and Crafts, I am deeply involved in the development of cultural activities.
I also support the philanthropic projects and specialize in events, commemorations and abroad. 

Christine BARIERAUD, Directrice générale



The team MEDALART ®

After studying International Business and a shared family interest for medals memories, I participate in the commercial development of MEDALART ® in France
and abroad.
I assure the promotion and dissemination of medals MEDALART ® with conviction and passion.


            Ralph PUND, Responsable commercial 


 After law school and a specialization in international relations, I became interested in cultural tourism in European cities. I participed in the organization of missions event of national and international. I contribute to the spread of medals memories MEDALART ®.

Aline Athlani, Administrative Officer for External Relations


After training in business school in Lyon, it's part of my role as District Council of the 1st district of Paris that I met MEDALART ®, growing company.

Philippe Jollet, director Marketing