Discover the Centennial Medal of the seaplane – 2010 Year Henri Fabre

Discover the story of the 100th anniversary of Henri Fabre, the first seaplane called “The Duck” (1910 – 2010)

Henri Fabre isa French engineer and aviator. He is the inventor of the aircraft in 1910 (initially named hydro-airplane, until 1913). March 28, 1910, in France, near Martigues (Bouches-du-Rhone), Henri Fabre saidhis hydroplane off, the aircraft traveled 800 feet above the lake of Berre and landedon water: That was the first aircraft to take off, succeeded his flight and his landing.The success of this first flight was officially found by a bailiff, Mr.Honoré Raphel: that day, Henri Fabre, then aged 27, became the undisputed inventor, builder and firstpilot of this new flying, the aircraft is officially launched globally. Dubbed ”the Duck” as well, were and are designated devices, the small plane is at the front and rear propulsion system.

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