Medal 911-2011 Happy Birthday Normandie

911 -2011

In 2011, Normandy celebrating the 11th centenary of its foundation.

11 centuries of existence! 11 centuries of conquest and innovations!

An opportunity for an entire region to show pride, to revisit the great moments in history, to celebrate its major characters and to rediscover its rich medieval heritage.
Tourism Norman had to celebrate its 1100th anniversary this year, over 200 events enamel event in a spirit of joy, a playful spirit.

To celebrate the Normandy Medalart conducted a souvenir medal "HAPPY BIRTHDAY NORMANDY" that grave that date by the illustration of the Viking helmet from which flow sparks, sparks and streamers.

The medal is issued remember the scene of events related to the event and tourist offices in the region of Normandy.

Programs of the festivities: