Medal 2011, Year of the Overseas

The company Medalart was chosen for the creation of a medal accredited by the Commission, 2011, Year of the Overseas Territories.
A wonderful opportunity to showcase the talents of overseas and help raise awareness of the diversity, richness and dynamism of visual art.
A beautiful setting in light of "cultural identities"

"2011, Year of the Overseas Territories"

This medal was illustrated by a young artist "Vick" exercising beyond his artistic talent, the functions of a school teacher in Guyana ... a symbol.

"Represented once, proudly, for its sailors, its explorers, parties in all directions of the compass rose, now enriched by its overseas wearing the colors of the top four oceans, France is proud to know that the sun never sets on the territory of the Republic "

The medal is issued to the scene of events offered in connection with this event in the metropolis and in overseas.
It is also available at tourist offices and airport shops and overseas.

Programming "2011, Year of Overseas"